Last summer, the new head of the Met claimed it was his mission to 'renew the uniquely British invention of "policing by consent"'. Six months on, that goal has never looked more out of reach.
The beginning of 2023 couldn't have been worse for policing in the UK, but somehow, we sense it's still going to get a whole lot worse
The latest stats on police use of force paint a disturbing yet familiar picture: one of young Black men being disproportionately targeted by police
Featuring in this first edition of our newsletter: about the project, what we've been up to over the past few months, reflections on misogyny in the…
As criticism of the IOPC steadily gains traction, we turn a spotlight on 'the police’s shadowy oversight body'
Inviting you to our upcoming event taking place on 3-4 December in London
The publication of the Casey review of the Met's misconduct system exposes a disgraceful – but not surprising – state of affairs at the UK's biggest…
New Met officer gives every indication that there will be no let up in the denial of institutional racism and sexism within the force. Elsewhere: more…
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