New Met officer gives every indication that there will be no let up in the denial of institutional racism and sexism within the force. Elsewhere: more…
With more stats and stories emerging week on week, the scandal surrounding police strip searching of children continues
Read to the end for some Met maths logic
Met police plagued with scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal after…
Police chiefs make anti-racism commitment, fingers firmly lodged in their ears
Met police vow to adopt 'zero-tolerance' approach to racism and misogyny, while defending allegations of misconduct
The annual state of policing report is released, while coverage of a schoolchild strip searched leads asks serious questions of policing methods
Met police chief resigns after report reveals casual and violent language used by officers based at a central London police station
Hype about cannabis decrim is a diversion from the main issues, while peers land some important wins over PCSC Bill
Several survey and statistical releases give us a familiar feeling, and it's neither warm nor fuzzy
As StopWatch hold back the tide of stop and search legislation in one area, the government looks to expand it in another
Former prime minister / home secretary criticises lack of police transparency, more atrocious stories about police treatment of women surface